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Although not everyone in the building is a believer, they can all agree on one thing: if there was a spirit roaming these halls, his name would be 'Gus'.

Borough officials say there are over a dozen ghost tours in Gettysburg, and the municipal building is a stop on many of them.

The Gettysburg Municipal Building was initially constructed in the 1800’s as the Adam’s County Prison.With no core government rogue colonies begin to wreak havoc and without a centralized army to protect the innocent peace is all but lost.Now at the end of mankinds greatest battle empires will crumble alliances will form enemies will rise... Conversely, if you're the Plucky Comic Relief or someone similar, older you is a badass... If you're a time traveller, never meet up with yourself. ) Commonly used in concert with Bad Future and Ominous Message from the Future. If you were cool, maybe The Hero (or the Alpha Bitch/Jerk Jock), then you discover you've become really lame."Oh, I’m a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, a true skeptic. “It was the originally built as the Adams County Jail," explained Streeter.

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