Good dating agency singapore

There are those who can’t seem to find a match or convert matches into dates, and there are some who are too busy to swipe through profiles …

so we thought maybe we could curate this process for these groups of people and turn it into actual dates,” said Mr Tam.

“There are more people who are divorced and are stepping forward.

They are the ones who want a real person whom they can build a relationship with and are wary of going online,” Ms Hassan said.

Let us walk with you on your precious and exciting search for true love.

this is a human-intensive process that dating apps cannot do.Hence dating events, which allow for face-to-face interaction, have been viewed as a better way for singles to find like-minded individuals.“Given that they have to put in the effort to find an event to attend, register, make payment and then dress up for the occasion, these are people who tend to be genuinely looking for someone, rather than having a ‘see see, look look’ attitude,” said Ms Goh, who added that the number of active participants for Complete Me’s 150 events annually has “increased steadily to almost 3,000”.Over at It’s Just Lunch Asia, it is the guarantee of privacy and a human touch in its matchmaking process that have ensured sustained brisk business.While apps are there to disrupt, dating still requires the personal touch.We may be low-tech but we are high-touch.”STAYING ATTRACTIVESome dating agencies have also taken on what they call an "activity-based approach" to event ideas - a move aimed at wooing singles who remain intimidated by formal dates with strangers and fun-loving 20-somethings.“Every time we conduct an event, our main objective is to make it a casual platform for people to meet,” Mr Tam from Gai Gai said.While it has held large-group matchmaking events, the agency prides itself on “out-of-the-box” date ideas such as baking or terrarium workshops, hawker food trails where participants follow a designated route on cars provided by Uber and weekend getaways.“We want to shift away from formal speed-dating events - something that the younger folks don’t seem to like.

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