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Slashdot, Vice and Wired contributors have criticized Google for its unannounced discontinuation of the Google Groups Advanced Search page and the ability to perform advanced searches across all groups, leaving it nearly impossible to find postings without either knowing keywords from them that are unique across Google Groups' entire multi-decade archive of posts, or else knowing beforehand which newsgroup(s) they were posted in.According to The Guardian, the court banned Google Groups following a libel complaint by Adnan Oktar against the service.

Google Groups is one of the ten most delinked sites. My Deja News offered the ability to read Usenet in the traditional chronological, per-group manner, and to post new messages to the network.

Google Groups is a service from Google that provides discussion groups for people sharing common interests.

The Groups service also provides a gateway to Usenet newsgroups via a shared user interface.

The researcher interviewed stated, "Advanced searches within specific groups appear to be working, but that's hardly useful for any form of research—be it casual or academic." The late Lee Rizor, also known as "Blinky the Shark", started the Usenet Improvement Project, a project which is highly critical of Google Groups and its users.

The project aims to "make Usenet participation a better experience".

During this transition, which involved relocation of the servers, many older messages in the Usenet archive became unavailable.

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