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I told my husband this after my mother-in-law’s most recent offer to babysit, and his feelings were hurt because he thinks I don’t appreciate the “help.” The pressure to leave him is not helpful!I know the baby would be well cared for, so I don’t think it’s an issue of being overprotective.

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We’ve maintained an acquaintanceship at his request, but barely.

I missed him terribly both times and decided that I’m just not ready yet to hand him over to a babysitter for no good reason.

I don’t feel like the stereotypical frazzled new mom, and I enjoy taking care of him and having him with me.

I just think he has more of his life together and is more anxious to start this next stage than I am.

Should I set him loose to find his marriage-ready match while I mourn the loss of a good relationship, or bide my time?

You two have different thoughts on this, and you’re not compatible long term.

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