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We have the Tempur-Pedic bed that goes up and down, and I’m like ‘Ok, bed up, bed up, feet up, feet up! “I think that one day we definitely get married, but right now we just really are focused on starting a family so we just don’t really want to put the money and the resources into a wedding because the truth is Slade and I do everything really big.” While the duo are in a good place now, there was a time during their fertility struggles where the handbag designer thought about ending their relationship.

’ and just like some of the funniest things that we were experiencing or attempting to do. The pair, who have been together for almost 10 years, have yet to tie the knot and still have no plans to do so. “There’s definitely been a lot of days that I’ve struggled with my emotions and I struggled with is ‘Being with Slade the right thing? “When you love somebody that much, even if that means letting them go or letting them go down a different path to have what it is that they think will ultimately think will make them happy, that’s what true love is …

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Gretchen and her forever sidekick, Slade Smiley, went on The Tomorrow Show to discuss Slade’s job situation (claiming he’s ALWAYS had a job) and to share why they are certain that Eddie Judge is gay.Because they’re just like at some point they’re like the lids going to get blown and it’s gonna make such great TV.”Gretchen reveals how stressful it is being on The Real Housewives of Orange County, “The night before the reunion show I literally was on my floor, curled up, hurled up in a bottle and I—fetal position.And I looked at him [Slade Smiley] and I was like I’m going to wake up and have cancer from this show…I felt like I was losing my own self integrity through the show because you just have to kinda become this other person then, then what you really are in your real life in order to stay involved in it.”She says that we will only see her on one episode this season.We don’t feel like going and spending 0,000 on a wedding as the most responsible thing do right now.We feel like we’re already married, we don’t feel like having a certificate that says we’re married is gonna show that we love or committed any more to each other. Now if I win the lottery tomorrow or I just have stupid money bleeding out of you know, the backyard on trees, then I might go ‘Ok let’s throw a big wedding.’”Slade then explains that he has had a job this whole time but he couldn’t share it because of privacy issues!And she’s trying really hard to keep the lid on it.

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