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Remeber you should go to theone w/ the *'s, and the password is: Katana You've become accepted into the group. Remember, go to the one w/ the ~'s, and thepassword is: Speed Hiei. The nextchapter that YOU should go to is called YYH:=Crystal's Mission=, and the password is: Demon Well it was a long boring day... Once again,please rate, and also, messages are alwayswelcome. Nextquiz may take u by surprise some of u may hateit and some of u may love it. Well I know there wasn't alot going on in this quizand I'm sorry but all tha happened had asignificance. But if u dothere's no fancy wedding but that shouldn'tmatter to u it should just matter that urgetting married to the man u love. stay tuned to find outin a mermaid in love part g(7) ok so you and Hiei are in love with each other butyou know you must let him go for sometime youdon't want to get anyone else involved. He's just the type for you and you two reallygot to connect today. Also, I REALLYapologize if I was a little rude w/ the specialed. *bows to viewersfor forgiveness, like a japanese person*Viewers: You're not even japaneses... The next 3 quizzes will not need apassword either, but it will be required youremember which YYH: Crystal Frenzy one you took! : D U r now on the Urameshi team, whether u like it ornot u have no alternative. Ok u just spent the night in Hiei's arms u bothwoke up really late after ur long talk ongetting to know eachother. The next quiz will be a lotbetter I promise also it might be a really longone. Well pleaserate high and if I get a lot of high rates Imight even put the next up later tonight. Kuramaloves and charishes you like a soul sister andis sad that you are hiding something from himand the gang, How will the others react whenand if they find out what's going on?! Kuramas rose whipgrew black and lifeless as it then cracked andcrumbled into pieces. hiei heard andanswered Because using it takes quite anamount of energy. ^-^; So without Yusuke and the others around, Hiei mightget to naughty side, I think ^-^; so anyway, hedid get a look at you chest, hopefully a GOODlook, cause that might be his last! 'Hmph'he said as hegrabbed into his hair and got a new rose(likemagic... you said w/pain in your voice'Iknow Im your sister, but I have to thinkaboutnow. But w/ the LIFE Ruby, shecould easily restore that power. I think i am going to cry, imight put up another one, if i am still alive,well hope u liked it...i didn't. I wonderwhat's going to happen next, maybe Hieistripping down nake for you? ^-^ Okay, so Hiei ask you to marry him, so you say yesor no, but does it really matter that you sayyes? Cause you and Hiei loveeach other so much, you guys actually did it!

(yeah, u no what i mean)Hepowered up while running and his sword grewlonger. Her fist grewa high density black aura and she threw himacross the area onto the ground. If u care i am not doing any more because well theysucked and soo i will make a new one calledummmmm lets see.....

"If anyone has a noble plan to stop me, youmight as well write up your will." Youhate it when people try to get in your way. )(me: Well If you would like i canmake you into another quiz and you can getkilled in it? You have to stay with a baby, Barnie, and a nother you and Hiei!!! You'll never get to see Hieis face withl;ove in it? They willalways be with you and Hiei by your side youhave no worries from now on! I haveanother Quiz about YYH It will be slitlydifferent but I think that you'll like it. ^-^ And I wanted to find a nicefire demon pic and I came accross this one. ok so its your first day of school and your sittingin the office waiting to get your schedualreading a news paper looking for jobsah....theres a good one you say out loudcircing a job offer when you see a shadow overthe paper you look up and see a guy with spikeyhair looking at the job offers you circledexcuse me but do you mind? And if your good, and rate high, I'll lethim kiss you in part 7. I wonder where's the honeymoon atthough, anyway, please rate and message. But what does Koenma want to tell youthat's so important? You totally have thehots for him and you're growing on him too. and u and Hiei want the bestfor ur son and u don't want him to live hislife in fear. But what about the little demonsand what's going to become of Hiei. Hiei loves u with all his heart well yeah ofcoursei mean u 2 just got married! SOu 2 have fun at ur honeymoon*wink wink* yeah uguys like cant get enough of each otheranyway. Ihave to atleast have 10 or 15 in a while sohurry up and rate! Me:awww thats so sweet.consideringyou only said so because I hit you with a golfclob!

You also have this awesomedragon made of black fire that you control anduse in battle! Well You made up with Hiei but how are you going tolast with this? Ohand message me if you want and please dontforget to rate! Will you ever get to see your friends again and Hiei? She doesntseem like a normal demon person that is marriedto a mortal? Will you evey find your way out of the castle andfind Yumina? And there wasnt much action or anythingspecial in this one but there will be more inthe next one! Will they aprove or will they justnot look at you two ever again? I know that they will be proud of you and nomatter what decisions you choose! You a fire cat demon well they dontknow about the cat part yet and Kyoko a Darkness demon! And they are Spirit detectives from Team Urameshi!!! well I hope that youguys becaome friends because its sort of lonylwith only Kyoko as you friend. He'll do anything to protect you, but if whatthe goddess says is true, will you really needit? ^-^ Okay, I'm going to stop here, cause the next one isgoing to be the honeymoon, so you know that'sgoing to be a....*cough*lemon*cough* so yup,you and Hiei are finally married, no morewaiting! ~rae and drei~oh,would we,ofcoarse.~u~excellent~few years later..well,uknow wat happens,its in the other nine OK u just gave birth to a boy luckily Hiei was ableto be there and they all made through thetournaments ok. Crazy right but if u don't thiergoing to try and kill Katsuro so thier plansfor the future will unfold and they will rulethe human world. SO many people takemy quiz and don't rate so please rate. But the demons don't have theirsenses that's odd but maybe the fighting willbe easier. Well u fought these demons at least u guys weresmart and stayed in a circle so they couldn'tsneak up on u. But you onlyturn into this form when you play your Flute ina special arent you happy to have Hieiback? And If you rate high enoughtthen I will continue the next one really fast! Well Im busy now so please rateand message me for some ideas okay!

You were greatfulthat you got to build up speed w/ hiei(duringcrystalfrenzy) You both land on the ground, butyou two recover quickly, and shift into yourdefensive positions. 'Thanx Crystal.'yusuke smiled at you in a gratefuldisposition.

The next one will be called YYH: Battle in Darkness(2) and will not need a password. You smiled back, then looked atwher the blast had landed on the gound, and yousee the grass ther has been burnt black. Idont know u guys tell me what u think the titleshould be.

0_o)Hiei and Yusuke charged at herleft, but she took her left hand and made ablack energy shield, pushing them back. You wiped the tears from your face and made upyour decision. Ink, I have to fightyou'She looked at you emotionless, then turnedback at the boys. Just then, Ink fired w/an open palm numerous black misslesw/lightning surrounding them. The ring in urskin makes u love Joshua only when u see orhear him. ^-^; Okay, so the party somewhat started right, and Hieiwas at your feet? But anyway, he didn'treally need a bucket to catch those drools XD,but I wonder what's going to happen next,hmm...well, please rate and message. AND if you two didn't do it, then why would heask you to marry him anyway?! Answering Hiei's question on being his depends on yourlife!

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