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Sportsman’s Lodge, Jackson In some parts of the country, “sportsmen” are still defined by how well they track deer or pull fish out of country streams. They’re not kidding with the name of this place, which is renowned for its world-class collection of memorabilia, if not food. Lester’s, Ladue All Ts have been crossed and Is dotted by the maniacally meticulous and eponymous owner, who invested a half-million dollars alone in the bar’s audio/visual system. Louis Plays all your favorite sports bar hits, with TVs gang-tackling the walls, more than 50 beers on rotating special and 100-percent padded seating to cradle your mania. Hooligan’s Sports Bar, Billings Boasts the largest big screen in the state along with 20 new HDTVs. Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book, Las Vegas Arguably the best place to watch any sporting event in the world on TV, there’s nothing like the party ambience that roars through a Vegas sports book as bets some cashing in and crashing down at regular intervals.Though a manly hunting/fishing theme prevails, Sportsman’s doesn’t let “regular” sports guys down, with NFL Sunday Ticket, a devotion to ESPN College Gameday and lots of local media “best sports bar” recognition. 810 Zone, Kansas City Looks like it was grown in a sports bar lab, but there’s no arguing with the sheer volume of televisions (76), games and corporate funding in this three-floor, 650-square-meter monolith. Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum, Kansas City One thousand football helmets. Included are 68 plasma screens and individualized audio at each booth, to go with a “Deli-Q” menu that’s wholly homemade. Signature menu items include Black & Tan onion rings, Tongue Transplant wing sauce and the Elvis Impressedly burger, complete with fried egg and peanut butter. The Press Box, Lincoln Nebraskans are notoriously welcoming and this phalanx of televisions, games and old people (let’s be honest, if you’re in Nebraska, it’s probably to visit some old people, so take ’em here! Of many notable Vegas and Reno contenders, the book at Caesars Palace remains the classic, with six oversized (to say the least) screens, multiple 50-inch plasma monitors, 12-inch flat screen TVs installed in each of 140 seats, huge ever-changing odds boards, a do-or-die crowd as diverse as the sports world itself and the lights, sound and fury of the open casino at your back. Billy’s Sports Bar and Grill, Manchester The scope is local, the food and beer cheap and the halls bulging with memorabilia.The layout, however, is unassailable, with plasmas framed for optimal viewing and game watching groups scheduled -- and ushered out -- with Germanic precision.So, if you’re a slow drinker, you’d better pray for overtime. Lansdowne Road, New York Free rounds pour depending on in-game action and 25-cent wings fly during Monday Night Football (or any other Monday).What you do get at this two-story bar is a high-ceilinged sports lounge marked by an 80-foot-long bar, 70 flat screens and projection TVs, major satellite packages and a promise to cover the most games of any bar in the state. Blue 32 Sports Grill, Scottsdale A thunderdome of televisions in varying configurations ensure that every geometric angle in the bar is within view of no fewer than five screens and, often as not, five different games.7293 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 1 4;

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Wallaby’s Bar and Grille, Ames There may not be much room left on the walls of this Iowa State University outpost, but there is room for every major sports package on the bar’s 34 televisions, including those at many of the tables. Run by University of Kansas grads who list hobbies like bowling and “every possible sporting event” on their web site bios. Rootie’s Sports Bar & Grille, Louisville The chicken wing is the official face-stuffing of sports bar-game watching and this is one of its oldest laboratories.

Half Moon Sports Grill, Phoenix “Dirty” is a distinction synonymous with many sports bars, but not this one. Despite the tastefully framed images of eponymous butt cracks (“moon shots”) hung throughout the place, the Half Moon manages to serve its grub without the customary grubbiness. Zack’s Place, Little Rock Sports bars don’t exist in a vacuum, so context counts.

And in a part of the planet dominated by nationwide chains, this indie stands tall, with plenty of space, TVs, dartboards, pool tables and exemplary bar food. Big Wangs, Los Angeles Adheres to all of the standard sports bar criteria -- countless monitors, rowdies and beers on tap -- but the unique selling point here is the wangs -- er, wings.

Regardless, TV manufacturer sponsorship means the place is chockablock with monitors, and its namesake means the menu is stocked with southern victuals. Gators Cafe & Saloon, Treasure Island Should the fate envisioned in “Waterworld” ever be realized, this will be our sports bar. Beyond the aesthetic, STATS boasts a panoply of hyper-American comfort foods, three floors (including a roof deck), 70 HDTVs and tableside taps, which allow guests to pour their own beer. The Shack Waikiki, Honolulu There’s as much emphasis on “Aloha” spirit and live music at this chain as there is on sports, but this tiki tavern is a reliable place in Honolulu to catch NFL and college football action.

Rounding out the theme are multiple rooms to keep rival fan bases adequately segregated. Legends of Aurora, Aurora Are you ready for some gluten-free football? Petersburg A mere Rawlings’ throw from Tropicana Field, this converted auto shop is less a sports bar than a sports hangar, the kind you typically find only in Florida. The largest waterfront bar in the world offers six separate bars, countless TVs and dock space for the USS 23. See web site for four Oahu locations as well as outposts in Southern California and Colorado. Pinnacle Sports Grill, Boise Pinnacle features more than 40 beers and 13 high-def TVs, a quarter of which form the bar’s massive centerpiece TV cube.

Hey, it’s family-owned, so they care about the subtle nuances of their patrons’ gastro-intestinal systems. Sneakers Sports Grille, Jacksonville This place is big. Some booths have their own monitors, with connections for other media devices and custom audio feeds. The Cubby Bear, Chicago Wrigley Field itself is barely larger than the 3,000-square-meter bar, kitty-corner to its historic facade.

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