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That is some shit that would have made Teddy Roosevelt stop in his tracks in wonderment in spite of the fact that Roosevelt swam the Potomac every morning bare-assed.Like our greatest President, Houdini was also a serious fucking problem for anyone who wanted to scrap, as Houdini was a badass boxer and train jiu-jitsu for an hour each day.

He'd walked on his hands daily since he was nine years old, when he billed himself "Harry, Prince of the Air," and had played local carnivals as an acrobatic contortionist whose specialty was bending backward and picking up needles with his eyelids. Letting his sweat dry, he cooled down by quietly imitating the breathing patterns of the heron, the deer and the turtle.He spent the next fifteen minutes exercising his internal organs.As he had learned from early apprenticeship with Thardo the Poison Eater, he threaded a small potato onto a string and gently swallowed it.Then he went into the bathroom, filled the alabaster bathtub with cold water and drowned himself.Drawing mind and energy inward, intentionally slowing his internal functions, he held his breath, submerged, for five-and-a-half minutes.In the event that you're unfamiliar with Maxick and Monte Saldo, they were a pair of short guys who were 150lbs-ish, ripped to the fucking bone, and so strong that the Redditors screeching "manlet!

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