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Each county volume comprises a gazetteer describing the buildings of significance, accompanied by maps, plans, and more than 100 specially commissioned photographs; an informative introduction explains the broader context The series also includes paperback City Guides, as well as the acclaimed .

Whilst cathedrals and their furnishings, great country houses and their parks form the grand set pieces, the books demonstrate the enjoyable diversity of architecture in the British Isles in accounts of rural churches and farmsteads, Victorian public buildings and industrial monuments.Forthcoming in 2017 Oxfordshire North and West Yorkshire West Riding: Sheffield and the South Work is in progress on the following Buildings of England: Birmingham and the Black Country Dorset County Durham Hampshire: South Hertfordshire Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire: South Staffordshire Sussex: West Yorkshire: North Riding Wiltshire Buildings of Ireland County Cork Central Leinster (Laois, Offaly, Kildare) We also anticipate a range of new volumes in the Pevsner Introductions series.To find out more about forthcoming Pevsner Guides, contact the team: [email protected]The Pevsner Architectural Guides are a series of to the of the .He conceived a project to write a series of comprehensive county guides to rectify this, and gained the backing of , founder of , for whom he had written his Outline of European Architecture. Lane employed two part-time assistants, both refugee art historians, who prepared notes for Pevsner from published sources.Pevsner spent the academic holidays touring the country to make personal observations and to carry out local research, before writing up the finished volumes. Pevsner wrote 32 of the books himself and ten with collaborators, with a further four of the original series written by others: the two Gloucestershire volumes by David Verey, and the two volumes on Kent by .Pevsner was unable to devote much more than a month to visiting each county and the speed at which the books were prepared inevitably led to errors and omissions.

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