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You'll go to hell, you infidel, we can't speak discreetly. I think I'll go blow myself up now."Anonymous: no wonder they don't eat pork....

probably because they otherwise would marry the goats Anonymous: Funny story.On one of my first patrols in Afghanistan we were searching some houses and I found some "papers" in a drawer.I brought them out to see if the terp knew what they were. Anonymous: It’s said that if there were no God that it would be necessary for man to invent one.They dont want your children or to serve you as a wife.They want a career and they are going right off the idea of children. True: islam is the most old fashioned religion of them all.you cheap fuckers had to make it cheaper because you don't have enough class to snort or freebase it Anonymous: Here's the video of the interview.

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