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However, the concept of an «active» volcano is rather inaccurate, since the volcano itself, which has active fumaroles, some scientists attribute to extinct, and some scientists — to active. The active volcano is the one that erupted in historical times (the last several thousand years).

A sleeping volcano is one that erupted in historical times and can erupt again.

In addition, volcanoes differ depending on the degree of their activity: sleeping, dormant, extinct and active, as well as at their location: underwater, terrestrial, subglacial and some others.

Researchers believe that the active volcano is the one that erupted in the old historical period of that time or in the Holocene, that is, the glaciation dating back to the Quaternary period, which has lasted for the last 12,000 years up to the present.

The Chinese have fought wars since the dawn of their civilization.

It is interesting for dinosaurs’ lovers of all ages, including parents, teachers and educators!

We are pleased to introduce to you our next Moona puzzles "Fruits".

The Chinese first used these fire sticks to expel evil spirits and to make fireworks that were used during festive events.

Later, the gunpowder was used to make special firecrackers that were used in the battle.

Chinese soldiers used different kinds of weapons, such as a "Gong", a Chinese bow with a long history because archers have always been an important part of the Chinese army.

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