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Who are the portal's customers, allies and distribution partners? But without a strong network of alliances, especially distribution partners, which are key to audience reach and expansion, a portal will have a hard time surviving.The dirty secret of the internet, porn portals account for vast amounts of traffic and enormous revenues.

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Analyst Insight Survivors of the dotcom crash range from loss-making portal operators with extremely questionable merit, to a handful of firms able to squeeze out some profits.

Indeed, as online usage continues to increase - thanks at least in part to the vast amount of free information and services that are offered - this appears to make sense.

Yet at the same time, it costs money to service such a vast pool of freeloaders.

Costs associated with attracting and keeping users - namely the costs of marketing, sales, content purchasing and production, plus reliable delivery - could actually eliminate bottom-line gains from greater usage.

Over-reliance on the advertising as the prime, and more frequently, the sole revenue stream can be a risky proposition, especially given the volatile nature of the advertising market.

The County’s council unanimously voted in favour of funding investment into telecommunication infrastructure.

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