Is cody linly dating


Now another client, Soho House boss Nick Jones, has offered the firm accommodation in the New York premises of his eponymous empire.

Lisa moors her love boat on the Riviera There is a real-life love twist behind the films which heiress Lisa Tchenguiz has taken to the Cannes Film Festival.

For I hear that only weeks after leaving London for a new life in the States, the model turned would-be actress has a new boyfriend - and what's more he's a Brit.

For, according to friends, all is not well between the Queen's millionaire furniture-maker nephew Viscount Linley and his heiress wife Serena.Lisa, 43, sister of multimillionaire tycoons Vincent and Robert Tchenguiz, is the executive producer of a romantic comedy called I Can't Think Straight and a poignant drama called The World Unseen."Both have lesbian love themes," Lisa tells me from her yacht."I was training with Michael John in London, who cut Princess Anne's hair, and I used to go to Gloucestershire to court my wife."So I began cutting Peter's hair at Gatcombe Park and then Zara's hair when she came along."The reason is that the two women who made the films are married to each other and I was a guest at their wedding." She says the filmmakers - London-based director Shamim Sarif, who went through a civil partnership with Jordanian-born producer Hanan Kattan - have each had a son.

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