Is dating a younger man a good idea

Wouldn't it make sense, then, that he'd be older, too – richer in life experience, to guide us through our lives? It's a clear parallel with the idea that the male partner should be taller than the woman – which, as Tracey Spicer wrote last week, is a result of unconscious bias that subtly reinforces gender stereotypes and expectations.There was always talk, too, of the idea that men mature at a slower rate than women.

He was well-read and thoughtful, considerate and eloquent.Through the years many have watched, or already understood their mothers and sisters to have a powerful say in how they regard women.Though a gender gap most certainly remains, there are many, many more women in positions of leadership, who do not back down from challenges, who compete in many of the same fields as men, and who work side by side with men.This is especially pronounced during formative teenage years, but once we get into our twenties, does it really matter?Some of my most disastrous romantic affairs have been with men five years older who still behave like emotionally stunted children.It's almost perceived as a fetish – the older woman, always on the prowl, preying on the innocent young man...

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