Is raymond lam dating linda chung updating adobe air applications


In the series, Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei will play a husband and wife once again, while Moses Chan, a genius stockbroker with a playboy streak, Chris Lai, the son who doesn't get along with his brothers and sisters, Vincent Wan and Raymond Lam, a responsible family housekeeper will be their sons and Fala Chen, a mute girl, their daughter.

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Because the setting had many on lookers taking pictures of them, the filming process was interupted.The sales presentation clip was released on the sales presentation on November 19, 2007.The clip gave clues about the new series which will feature Michelle Yim as the new villain, a mooncake business instead of abalone and a new cast members, Kate Tsui, Lee Heung Kam and Wayne Lai.The series also focuses on Susanna Kwan, from her good heart, plotting "evil" ideas to get the family back together, while Michelle Yim plots to have the family stay apart from each other.Lee Heung Kam doesn't make things any easier as she prefers his son (Ha Yu) to have Michelle as his wife than Lee Sze Kei.Lee Sze Kei presented on one of the 溏心Chatroom shows that the producers had already begun to write for another series with same actors but a different story line.

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