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For an actor to make me feel that way is quite some feat. I would suspect that N&S will definitely be regarded as iconic, certainly for its genre.

I cannot think of another actor with the capacity to present a Thornton of the same quality.

But significantly he always leaves me wanting more and so that is how he has inspired me. (Khandy)This man is not playing at being an actor; he's the real deal. Both on screen and in audio, he's created characters that we want to get to know (even when they're either morally dubious or downright nasty).

We're drawn into the characters' worlds and either care or, at the very least, wonder about their lives beyond the confines of the story.

I've experienced that many times with books but seldom with movies.

(b Zirk)..if I had watched N&S with the sound turned off; Armitage's performance was so exquisitely articulate I could have transcribed pages of dialogue and backstory just from studying his face.

It’s been less than a day since we reported about Sir Ian Mc Kellan’s accidental slip and possible outing of a fellow Hobbit costar, but that information alone has given the fine users of Tumblr enough ammunition to turn their dashboards into Speculation City and kick off the next great search for a closeted Hollywood actor.

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Some, however, are more critical of the direction his post-N&S career has taken towards action roles and his perceived willingness to take any part offered, regardless of quality.

And I'm not enlarging on the sensuality of the presentation. Such a breathtaking role and yet, for me, apart from the aesthetic, a true character study and evolution, hidden behind and in spite of a mask of leather and guyliner.

I love the actor's willful and creative defiance of the role.

He subsequently played Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood -- a black leather-wearing bad boy who broadened Armitage's appeal -- and spy Lucas North in Spooks.

His most recent role is Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit film trilogy.

Are the smiley faces the children in the photo above?

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