James hewitt dating princess diana


In an interview ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death, the former polo player denied claims he was Prince Harry's father when pressed about the paternity.'Are you Harry's father?

' Australian host Melissa Doyle asked.'No, I'm not,' Diana's former lover replied.

James Lifford Hewitt (born 30 April 1958) is an English former cavalry officer in the British Army.

He rose to public prominence in the mid-1990s after he disclosed a romantic affair that he had engaged in with Diana, Princess of Wales, while she was still the wife of the heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles.

Naive to the point of insanity, it simply never occurred to me back then, aged 26, that I would be subject to such a sustained level of vitriol.

Diana was adored by the public who hated to see her humiliated by what they perceived as Hewitt’s money-grabbing ‘kiss and tell’.

In 1994, six months after Hewitt's retirement from the armed forces, Anna Pasternak published the book Princess in Love.’This was the book I wrote nearly 25 years ago, in collaboration with James Hewitt, chronicling his five-year affair with Princess Diana, after her marriage to Prince Charles had broken down.I always reply that no, I have no regrets, but if I had known what I would have to go through afterwards, the toll it would take on me personally, then I would never have written it.Instead, I felt a heavy sadness yesterday when I read reports that he is in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital after a life-threatening major heart attack and stroke two weeks ago.After a period in intensive care, James’s condition is said to have improved in the past few days and his family is hopeful that he will fully recover.Mr Hewitt, a former army officer, said he was struggling to open up about his former lover but insisted he did not express any regret of ever meeting her.'No, I don't regret that.

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