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I’m making You Tube videos because I noticed a lot of foreigners are very skeptical when it comes to dating in Japan.It makes me sad that some think it’s impossible and give up before even trying, especially foreign women.

If you like a Japanese guy, you should at least give him an obvious hint (e.g. And hopefully, he’s going to notice your feelings and ask you out if he’s also interested in you.

As a Japanese man you’re being raised to be the breadwinner, supporting your family. While this traditional thinking is slowly changing, it’s still very present.

Quite a few Western women I interviewed complained that their Japanese boyfriend has never time because of work.

This is the most common complaint I hear from foreign women when they’re dating a Japanese man.

In many Western countries, the majority of men show their affection directly through words and action (hugging, kissing) – even in public.

Hi, I’m Nobita, a native Japanese working as a Japanese teacher in Japan.

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