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Following the release of the album, Thara toured throughout Australia, the UK, and Germany, enjoying international success.

When she returned to the States, Jeremy Skaller booked her for a show in Miami as the opening act for the British-Asian, R&B/pop sensation Jay Sean.

Jheńe and Big Sean have been dating publicly since October 2016 after revealing the romance with an Instagram selfie together.

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She landed a Reebok commercial campaign followed by a Verizon campaign.She now works alongside Sean as his “wifeager” and also manages a blog called, “Get Toned with Thara.”Sean and Prashad initially met at the Bollywood Awards in 2005, however, both admit it was not love at first sight. Prashad knew the proposal had to come some time before the ceremony, but was not sure when.Prashad said that they took one photo, but she was turned off by his “too cool” attitude and “baggy pants.”A year later, they met again at the South Asian Student Alliance Awards in Miami where they “hit it off.”They kept their relationship a secret in the beginning, because of Sean’s career. Sean planned a fake dinner event and tricked Thara with a sock in his pocket, instead of a ring.Jay Sean, 35, an international pop singing sensation won hearts not only with his killer looks, but also with hit songs such as “Down,” “Ride It” and “Do You Remember.”Born in England as Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, he entered the music industry in the U. With all the success Sean has garnered through the years, it is no wonder he has won the heart of American R&B singer and model Thara Prashad. His American single “Down” landed him a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making him the first artist of South Asian descent to top the charts.You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released.

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