Jeff probst not dating julie


“We complement each other beautifully.” But what about the nearly 20-year age difference? “You hear people talk about wisdom beyond a person’s years, and Julie embodies that,” says Probst. in December, has her own apartment, she admits she only uses it to shower and change. Despite such domestic bliss, the couple remain mum when the subject of marriage is raised.

“She gets stuff a lot better than I do.” The two, who spend most nights at Probst’s three-bedroom Hollywood Hills house, are learning Spanish together and have each taken up the didgeridoo—a 4-ft.-long Aboriginal wind instrument. “Being committed to each other—that’s the point,” says Berry.

Survivor host Jeff Probst has admitted that he and 24-year-old Survivor: Vanuatu contestant Julie Berry are seriously dating. Rumors that the couple were dating emerged earlier this fall, and strengthened after the broadcast of a Survivor: Vanuatu episode in which Julie was shown attending a challenge while wearing a hand painted tattoo of a heart with the word "Jeff" in it.

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“Julie’s given me a sense of balance I’ve never had.Jeff resides in Los Angeles when not halfway around the world filming Survivor Palau last fall, the two were forced to do the kind of conspiring and conniving that would have made Richard Hatch proud.When you find it, you know and now I get it," Jeff gushed to the magazine."The funniest thing is people used to always say, 'you'll know,' and I'd think, 'Oh, shut it!A category five cyclone devastated Vanuatu over a 24-hour period earlier this month, and relief organizations have asked for help this week.

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