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The 46-year-old filmmaker is said to be ‘obsessed’ with Petra, with whom he’s been enjoying ‘cosy dinner dates’, Star magazine reports.

The pair are yet to be photographed together but last month they posed next to each other in T-shirts by designer pal Adam Selman.

2009: The couple parted ways in 2009 and things did not end well.

Mayer took it especially hard, saying their age gap was a big factor in the split, a famously harsh quote of his being, “The brunt of her success came before TMZ and Twitter.

In the period in-between the announcement and divorce, it was suggested that the split was caused by Pitt having an affair with Angelina Jolie, whom Pitt, of course, hooked up with shortly after his split from Aniston.

Fans ended up taking sides between Aniston and Jolie and media speculation ran rampant long after the divorce was finalized, even still occasionally being brought up today.

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And given how high-profile some of her relationships have been, there’s a lot here for fans of Aniston and/or the men in her life to go over and scrutinize.2011: The newest and current man on the Jennifer Aniston dating list is actor and director Justin Theroux, who began dating the actress in May of 2011. However, this was the year she officially made Theroux her boyfriend.2012: The pair bought a million home together and, more importantly, got engaged on August 5.The super-famous couple, who had their every action heavily observed and scrutinized by the media, enjoyed a wedding with 200 guests (many of whom are also famous), a choir, bands, fireworks, incredibly fancy food, rings designed by her new husband, and over 50,000 flowers.2005: Despite being expected to butt the trend for celebrity marriages crashing and burning, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced they were separating on January 7, 2005, finalizing their divorce much later, on October 2 of the same year.And with that, here’s a full Jennifer Aniston dating list, which hit a lot of checkmarks.

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