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I would suggest that she's had too much product injected into this area, which is contributing to her brow and upper eyelids looking very heavy.'The combination of these possible procedures is making her look less youthful, and we'd advise Uma to lay off the treatments for a while and if and when she does have them, to remember that less is more.

And Alison Telfer, from the Glasshouse Clinic, said: 'Uma has long been known for her very chiselled jawline.

They are currently being filmed but the BBC is keeping under wraps how Sam will depart.

Producers hope that by raising the profile of two of Sam's colleagues - Dr Leo Dalton, played by William Gaminara, and Harry Cunningham, played by Tom Ward - Silent Witness might continue.

As much as this is seen as a valued asset in younger years, having a chiselled jawline can be very ageing as women get older.

One BBC insider claimed: 'Amanda definitely knows her own mind.

But the fact that the series has lost almost three million viewers since it pulled in 10.8million during its heyday in 1996 means its return is in doubt.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Miss Burton, who is married with two daughters, said: 'I always know when it is time to move on and this is it.

While Ulster-born Miss Burton says her departure will be 'emotional', some production staff will not be unhappy to see her go.

Fall out Two years ago, she fell out with one of the producers, Tom Sherry, who was later asked to leave in what was described as a 'personality clash'.

Months later, she was said to be furious when a fitting revealed her costumes were too tight.

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