John macarthur dating unbelievers

We won’t judge sexual immorality of any kind, because we’re tolerant people, just as you are. ” But Scripture is clear that the church is to be distinct from the world by being separated unto our God, who is holy.I’m not talking about adding legalistic rules for things that are not in the Bible, but rather about being a people who are captivated by the beauty of God in His holiness, so that we willingly distance ourselves from this corrupt world.As 1 John puts it, “Do not love the world nor the things in the world.If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” Toward God, church discipline vindicates publicly His honor and holiness.Paul is saying symbolically what he also (5:2, 13) states plainly, that the church needed to remove the sinning man so that the purity of the church would be restored and the sin would not spread any further. If the parents do not consistently and impartially discipline a defiant child, very soon the other children learn that there are no consequences if they disobey their parents. The same thing happens in a classroom with a teacher who does not enforce discipline. On the government level, if the authorities do not enforce the laws, the whole country soon devolves into anarchy.In the local church, God has given authority to the elders (Heb. Part of their responsibility is to uphold God’s standards of holiness and do all that they can to keep the church doctrinally and morally pure.

God would rather that a local church be pure and small than that it be big, but tolerant of sin in its midst.

It means that He is totally apart from and opposed to all sin.

In the Old Testament, God told His people Israel (Lev.

The congregation turned out en masse for the wedding, giving open support.

That tragic story reflects the dominant mood in the American church today, that we should show love and tolerance to those who fall into sin.

We will consider the purposes of church discipline, the problems that require church discipline, and the procedure for church discipline.

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