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If you ski in the backcountry long enough, you will have incidents with avalanches.That doesn’t mean you’re going to have a burial, it just means you’ll definitely have experienced them around. I evaluate and analyze exactly what happened, and then move on as a more experienced, more knowledgeable mountain man. When you’re skiing you’re making quick decisions at high speed.So I ended up under there, and you can’t move anything, a fingertip or a butt cheek.And eventually I lost the battle between my lungs and my mind.I make better decisions and with more knowledge and experience. I learned a lot from it, from the way that the elements of the situation created that outcome. And so it was really great training for any other airborne sport or any other high-speed sport you are going to do.I became a quick learner at all these other sports.

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We noticed that there were definitely some potentially bad areas of snow, but nothing that was bad enough to not go skiing at all.And I always knew that if you try to swim it fast, it won’t work because you are going to burn all of your oxygen.So I just tried to relax and not breathe and remind myself I could survive for quite a while without any oxygen.January 14, 2016, the Sierra Nevada mountains, California.Extreme athlete JT Holmes is skiing with friends at around 7,400 feet, when he triggers an avalanche.You fall straight down, it feels like that rollercoaster sensation. At first when you get a bad cut on your face and it leaves a scar, you feel it. Eventually it just becomes a part of you and you don’t really notice it, even though it’s there. I’m very lucky to have them, they are just lovely people. He had a drug problem, would be the best way to put it. I was seven years older than Tim, Shane was ten years older than me.

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