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So I ended up under there, and you can’t move anything, a fingertip or a butt cheek.And eventually I lost the battle between my lungs and my mind.I used to play water polo and I was on the swim team in high school.I could swim 75 yards underwater without coming up for air.I’ve been taught what to do in the event of an avalanche.I know that if you are going to experience a burial or any kind of a hold-down from a big wave when you’re surfing, any time you are forced to hold your breath it’s much better to hold your breath than exert energy.

And then I came to rest at the bottom of the slope.

You fall straight down, it feels like that rollercoaster sensation. At first when you get a bad cut on your face and it leaves a scar, you feel it. Eventually it just becomes a part of you and you don’t really notice it, even though it’s there. I’m very lucky to have them, they are just lovely people. He had a drug problem, would be the best way to put it. I was seven years older than Tim, Shane was ten years older than me.

But when you go ski base jumping, it’s more like you get shot out of a cannon, which is pretty fun. It comes back to learning from what happened and using that knowledge to make better decisions going forward. It hasn’t necessarily gone, but it’s not your focus after a while. He cleaned himself up, got his life back together and as I recall when he was ready to compete again, when he was freshly clean and sober he went to the registration desk at the North American freeskiing championships. Then he won the next competition as well, and that basically catapulted him into a flourishing ski career. When you have to make phone calls like that, it’s horrible. I did another multi-sport descent of another Swiss postcard mountain, the Eiger and documented that with Anderson Cooper in And that took a lot of dedication, being in the Swiss Alps. When it came time to promote the show, they thought it would be good to have me involved as a spokesperson, because English is my first language as opposed to the stars of the show who are mostly speaking Swiss-German, although they do speak great English. Amazing how their lives were in each other’s hands, and yet the equipment they rely upon is so simple. It was really fascinating to see the level of efficiency they work with.

We started really conservatively on some south-facing slopes that had a more solid snow pack, then we went to a north-facing slope.

See all of the in these slideshows That was where I triggered an avalanche. The others had skied the slope and then traversed out to the right, where we had agreed to meet, because it was safe.

Here, he relives his experience for I didn’t have any trauma whatsoever with my head. And everybody had experience in backcountry skiing.

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