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Aeneas was a warrior and in Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’, we learn that he was one of the few Trojans who was not killed or enslaved when Troy fell.

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Protected by the Golden Bough, his talisman, and with the help of the Sybil, he journeys into the Underworld where he meets both his dead wife Dido and his father who shows him the future of his descendents and thus the history of Rome.The Golden Bough, described by Virgil as ‘a fatal branch’ grows from the ‘double fatal tree in a gloomy vale’.A tree referred to in these terms, could only be a Yew, the tree connected with Fate since ancient times.Virgil writes of ‘The lurking gold upon the fatal tree’ and says, ’Conduct my steps to find the fatal tree’.His reference to ‘double fatal’ or ‘double tree’, concerned the double aspect of the yew with both its death dealing poison and its life giving properties.Only in this way can Aeneas be permitted to enter the realms of the dead.

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