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It was at the turn of the millennium, on Christmas Day 2002 to be precise, that the Golden Bough, was discovered growing on an ancient Yew at Defynnog near Brecon in Wales.Several years later in 2017 it still grows on the same tree, like a flame growing larger and brighter with each passing year, the yew meanwhile sprouting new golden sprigs, up in the branches, as well as a nest of golden twigs, like a golden fleece in its sister tree next to it, part of the original tree (proved by DNA) which seems to have split off and walked away from the main trunk.So this, in brief, was the story of the Golden Bough as immortalised in legend.And this was the last that was seen of it, until now, 3,000 years later.

Aeneas was the son of the Prince Anchises and the goddess Venus (Aphrodite), the second cousin of King Priam of Troy. In the Roman, he is celebrated as their first true hero.

Other Roman writers such as Ovid wrote about the Golden Bough and we find there are common themes and factors to do with the character of this sacred branch.

‘There is a shelving path, shaded with dismal Yew which leads through profound silence to the infernal abodes.

From ancient literature, we learn that the search for the Golden Bough was a great adventure, a dangerous mission, which few would undertake.

Some of the main themes and elements of this quest, conjure up scenes you might encounter in a Steven Spielberg movie such as the Underworld, the River Styx, the ferryman, the Triple Goddess, the Sybil, Tartarus, a talisman, the Gloomy grove and the Fateful Tree.

The mythology and legends of a ‘Golden Bough’ are well known.

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