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When we contacted the dating app Aisle’s team to get the number of active Malayali users, they divulged, “Around 7.2% of the males and 3.9% of the females of our users are Malayalis.The number has been growing at 31% every year.” As the number of users has been on the rise, we ask a few about the online dating experience.Confidence is a game-changer and one of the biggest attractive qualities in a man. Be Interested: Women hate men tooting their own horn excessively. This will keep the girl hooked to the conversation. Giving someone their required space, even if it is online, is essential. Be Caring: Considering that you have been speaking to this girl for some time, showing signs that you care about her life is a very positive technique to use. However, you need to know the right time to pop this question. Compliment her in a way that makes her blush and laugh at the same time.

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All that the guys and girls do is keep swiping to the next profile,” he says.“I once chatted with someone who had no clue why he was there. However, there are a few South Indians I met, who were very friendly, and from what I observed, they were merely there to vent out stress and for that they would talk to any random person.” No strings attached is another perk of using dating apps, says Monica* from Bengaluru.Usually there is no fuss when someone decides to call it off as the users are often clear about what they want from the onset.Dating often serves as the catalyst for a boy and girl to get to know each other better and determine whether it’s time to take the relationship forward.In the tech-savvy era, a lot of dating apps such as Tinder, Ok Cupid, Aisle and Woo have been playing cupid for many.“All their statements and questions are ambiguous and hint at either a one-night stand or a physical relationship. Getting to know each other very well and taking things slow hardly happens online,” she says.

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