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This is four months – one-third of a year – ahead of the calendar year!The first 1960 model year motorcycle that appeared on the dealer's showroom left the factory around September 1, 1959.The other theory is this was a nefarious scheme to make people think production was much higher than it actually was, to mask Harley's low sales figures in the 1960's. Normal production scheduling required things to be made in batches.Sales might not have matched the factory's predictions, so they might have had to catch-up by increasing production of one model while slowing production of another.

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There was no industry standard, so each manufacturer made up their own numbering scheme, and affixed it to the vehicle wherever it wanted. Before 1960, the sequence number started with either 1000 or 1001 - NOT 0001.A Word About Years There are two kinds of years we'll be dealing with here.First, there's the calendar year, which runs from January 1 to December 31.From 1960 through 1969, Harley started an unusual odd/even scheme.In years ending with an even number (example: 1960), the sequence numbers ran 2000-2999, then skipped to 4000-4999, then 6000-6999, then 8000-8999, then 10000-10999, then 12000-12999.The sequence number runs with the basic motorcycle model, not the different variants.

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