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Pilot (Jan 1st 1980)- A beautifully executed portrait of Cambridge professor Geoffrey Fairbrother, "in a rut," but seeking a new life as Entertainments Manager at Maplin's Holiday Camp."A fish out of water," he does at least try and join in the fun ("pies, pies, who wants a custard pie"), a stark contrast to the ebullient camp comic Ted Bovis.Op alle gebieden zijn BRAD PITT en zij het, voor het eerst sinds september 2016, e...Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson ATV: The Protectors The Adventurer THAMES: Special Branch The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes SOUTHERN: Noah's Castle BBC: Paul Temple Sutherland's Law Francis Durbridge Lord Peter Wimsey From the 1970s: Norman (1970), Nobody Is Norman Wisdom (1973) and A Little Bit of Wisdom (1976)- with the unique Norman Wisdom- surely we deserve to see these again! From the 2000s: Lead Balloon with Jack Dee showing off his dry wit at its best.

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Geoffrey tries to placate the "nauseous" kid, unsuccessfully of course, as he persuades honest Spike to rig the dodgy clapometer in the talent contest to make the child win.

Yvonne is pleased for this "ray of culture in this moronic wilderness." Ted however knows "it's bound to end in disaster." And he's right, there's a low turn out anyway, and we are given some lovely shots of mystified listeners.

Geoff has to eat humble pie but Ted persuades him to run a second concert "with a bit of tune in it." Success!

But when Geoff finds out Ted has used the proceeds in gambling, Ted is manouevred into donating the 400 winnings to an old couple who have been robbed 1.6 No Dogs Allowed - Bubbles is Geoffrey's dog, he has to hide in his chalet, against all regulations.

The noises from within cause staff to think he is secretly keeping a woman...

However his limitations in the nostalgic ballroom, as he tries to mix with campers are obvious, even more so when Ted fixes for him to be "respectable" escort to flirty Rose (Gillian Taylforth): "what lovely smooth hands you've got!

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