Lance armstrong dating rockstar

It’s recently been reported that the two are on the outs.” Oh, yes. *Selma Blair : She could be gay because she kissed Sarah Michelle Gellar in , and because her marriage to Ahmet Zappa fell apart. I love it not because there’s so much new information, or that the Enquirer got some kind of scoop, but because it’s so inappropriate. The Enquirer puts these two sentences together for “who’s gay” effect: “Zac has long dated co-star Vanessa Hudgens, but some believe the relationship was arranged to throw a damper on the gay hoopla.*Ryan Seacrest: He can’t be gay because he dated Teri Hatcher for two seconds, right? *Hugh Jackman : Because he loves to sing and dance and be fabulous. But by denying it, I’m saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn’t anything shameful.” I think Hugh just loves to sing and dance, personally.*Colin Farrell: The Enquirer thinks Colin could be gay because he shot a gay sex scene once (in A Home At the End of the World) and because he kissed a dude once. *Kevin Spacey : The Spacey rumors revolve around his close relationship to his mom, and his strong ties to the gay community.Oh, but she is a Scientologist, and we know how they feel about gay people.*Barry Manilow : Did you know Barry used to be married? Since then, he’s never come out of the closet, but he seems to have lots of young, buff men that hang around him.* Kirstie Alley : The Enquirer thinks she’s gay because she’s overweight and because she hasn’t been in a relationship in years.

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But, he fathered a child with his girlfriend, so meh. Cher loves her gay fans, does interviews in gay media, and doesn’t judge any lifestyle.But at least in one respect, it will surely be what Barack Obama is feeling as he lands back on native soil this evening. " No longer will John Mc Cain quite so easily be able to portray Mr Obama as a baby-faced neophyte who doesn't know his Basra from his backside. And most Americans will have absorbed some of these images even if they weren't following his nine-day trip minute by minute.He has got some first-rate foreign affairs footage in the can for the remainder of his campaign until November."Me with the President of France". All the main broadcast news anchors were with him at least part of the way.But he was not my type.” Tommy Lee, perhaps you’d like to meet Zac Efron?*Sienna Miller : Because she kissed a woman named Helen Mc Crory once… *Anderson Cooper: Probably because he and his boyfriend have been photographed together? Jackman said in an interview: “I’d be happy to go and deny [the gay rumors], because I am not.But, the Enquirer admits that Lance does have a history with ladies, so whatever.

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