Lance armstrong dating rockstar


He cheated, he makes our youth cynical because of it. With the amount of criminality Congress is engaged in, why is it any surprise that we find cheating at every level?

His "charity" efforts seem like PR and BS, not as bad as "Susan B. We need a zero tolerance policy on this stuff, black or white. PS He also divorced his wife for his rockstar crap. Congress is allowed to engage in insider trading legally.

Cable news viewers had the chance to watch the vaunted Berlin speech live if they were not at work.

A sidelined Mr Mc Cain has meanwhile been grumpier than ever.

I think that just means she’s got some sh-t she needs to work out, but whatever.Oh, but she is a Scientologist, and we know how they feel about gay people.*Barry Manilow : Did you know Barry used to be married? Since then, he’s never come out of the closet, but he seems to have lots of young, buff men that hang around him.But, the Enquirer notes that Sarah Michelle Gellar is “happily married,” so…?*Courtney Love : The Enquirer calls Love’s sex life “bi-and-bi” and details several of Love’s public kisses with women. *Lance Armstrong : Lance might be gay, in the Enquirer’s opinion, because he has a close, sweaty friendship with Matthew Mc Conaughey, based on wearing matching outfits and working up a sweat together.*Drew Barrymore: Because she’s given lots of interviews where she’s talked about how much she loves women’s bodies. But, Jamie has one daughter for sure, and probably another baby around here somewhere. : I had no idea, but apparently Earnhardt has a big gay following, and he gives shout-outs to his gay fans. , print edition, January 11, 2009] That’s everybody on the Enquirer’s list.

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