Leonardo dicaprio is dating blake lively


Blake Lively has been in the movie industry longer than many people think.

The sultry actress was born in Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles USA, on August 25, 1987.

Black Lively is currently married to Ryan Reynolds.

This dating profile throws light on her relationship with her husband as well as all her ex boyfriends.

Her parents always took her to their acting classes to avoid leaving her behind to babysitters.

Her parents have been in the industry for any years.

She starred as Bridget in her first film the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” in 2005. She first appeared in the 1998 film Sandman directed by her father.

Since then, she has been enjoying a successful acting career.

Apparently she was really nervous so she wouldn't shut up about herself, only talking about and being a Chanel model.

Because she seemed so into herself, Irmelin couldn't stand the girl.

Blake is currently married to Ryan and the two hottest Hollywood couples seem to get along very well. Penny and Blake started dating after they met on set in 2007.

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