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The second dimension of the synchronic aspect of Hebrew dialectology is the social one.

By this I mean not political influence over a geographical area, but social stratification of the language in a given community, and, especially, the contrast between a written literary language and a colloquial spoken one.

But given the limited number and length of the inscriptions available to us, as well as the poor condition in which they often are preserved, all too frequently this method does not give secure results.

The West Semitic Balaam inscription from Deir Alla provides a good example of the geographically conditioned problems of dialect analysis.

Thus, it brought about greater political centrality and caused a revolution in world economy that allowed the propagation of Hellenism.

Ultimately, the phenomenon of Hellenism is to be viewed as a complex of interactions between Greek, Asian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Levantine and Persian influences.

Andrews United Kingdom paleojudaica.(c) 1994: reproduction beyond fair use only on permission of the author Presented in a panel discussion on "Dialectology in Biblical Hebrew: My purpose in this presentation is to attack the question of a northern dialect in a roundabout way, by setting Hebrew dialectology in the larger context of the overall linguistic development of ancient Hebrew in the biblical and early postbiblical period.

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Furthermore, the cultural, political and intellectual forces that led to Hellenism were not rooted solely in Greece.

The Persian Empire, through its non-Semitic nature, and numerical minority status, undermined older political institutions.

Perhaps it is simply the dialect of the people in the vicinity of the sanctuary that contained the texts; a dialect that never became a language because it never acquired the requisite social and political clout.

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