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Leaders in a cruise ship church focus on the existing members rather than pursuing those far from God or encouraging others to do so.Very little of a church’s calendar, training or communication is spent on activities to reach the lost or help those in need outside the church.

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Let’s kick it off with the very first verse and then we’ll look at some of the unique elements of Mark.

Many of you are planning to participate in the Walk for Life this Saturday and others of you have already supported it financially.

I’m hoping that we have a great turnout from Edgewood.

There are, however, churches that are more like aircraft carriers.

These churches are designed to empower all members to find their God-given purpose in life, to equip them and to send them on missions into the world to reach and serve those who don’t know Jesus, much like the crew of an aircraft carrier is all about launching military planes and equipping them well to carry out successful missions.

Just this past week, the Celebrate Recovery band played in the Labor Day parade, AWANA kicked off with a carnival on Wednesday and Second Winders and Entrusted with a Child’s Heart started again on Thursday. Edgewood as we live on mission by gathering, growing, giving and going with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of God!

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