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The Kuirau Park will give you your first taste (or I should say smell) of the volcanic area around the city. Rotorua has become New Zealand’s second largest tourist centre – so if you’d like to make the most of what Rotorua has to offer and all that is thermal, here are some of my suggestions: 29kms – At the Wai-o-tapu Tavern turn left and 400m further left again to the thermal Mud Pools. The bubbling mud can keep you mesmerized for hours!The area is still very active with sulphur escaping from the earth’s crust (think rotten eggs). The Lady Knox Geyser is between the Mud Pools and Waiotapu and blows her top at am, so try to time it to arrive in time for this spectacle….a bit touristy but quite impressive none the less!

Your hire car can either be delivered today or tomorrow, depending on the activities you choose.

Duration : 17 nights/18days Activities include : Rafting the Arduin, walking in Mordor and Rivendell, visiting Edoras and Lothlorien. See below for 24 day samples."New Zealand is such a primitive land it can take you back to a primitive time in history.

It is so breathtakingly beautiful that you believe that even in the twilight of doom there might still be humour, honour, courage and compassion" - Please note that most Lord of the Rings set locations have long gone.

180kms – Lunch at the Shire’s Rest is highly recommended with the stunning views across the farmland to the Kaimai Ranges in the distance.

The Alexander family has lived on the 1250 acre (approx 500 hectares) property since 1978.

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