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Since we can have compassion for suffering people we never knew, such as when natural disasters strike, what expectations of those people were possible that would alter our reaction?If we Americans still thought of the Japanese as barbarians and enemies today, as we did in World War Two, our low expectations of them would have made compassion for their suffering in the recent earthquake and tsunami unlikely.I think you might be onto a useful insight but I'll challenge your suspicion anyway, Jeremy.The word "all" in your sentence invites the reader to find one exception to disprove it as an absolute rule.The same ever uncurious declarations about how simple and true your formula is? Either way, is your role in life straightening out the curious, reminding us that you have the world all figured out and it's super simple. You see the words expectation and happiness and let us know the perfect way to deal with them. On any particular expectation and at any given instant, you either expect more or you don't.

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Another virtue is , for which high expectations are crucial, even if they're disappointed, or they make us less compassionate -- sadder when we don’t meet our higher expectations; less compassionate when others don't meet our expectations.I have looked through the recommended article, the stream I'm much interested in, again many questions which I'll put there later - something to be slept with.and one more thing here, related to "Kol ba Seder" everything in order": I meant happiness as agreement, not order.It reminds me of the caterpillar sitting on the mushroom in .You’ll remember, Alice can’t tell whether she wants to be bigger or smaller and catarpillar tells her to nibble one side of the mushroom to get taller and the other side to get smaller.In other words: If you want to get bigger and encourage others to get bigger, cultivate high expectations even if it means being disappointed or sounding uncompassionate, and if you want to feel big enough already and satisfied with what others deliver, lower your expectations. So did I get it right that the key is to nibble both sides simultaneously? Hi Larissa, Great to hear from you and glad you liked the article, and I love your questions.

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