Lowered expectations dating intimidating eye contact


A new MRI study from University College of London indicates that the secret to happiness is low expectations. ” Even manure is a happy gift when your expectations are low enough.Author and neuroscientist Robb Rutledge says, “Happiness depends not on how well things are going but whether things are going better or worse than expected.”This rings very true in my experience. The kid replies, “With this much manure, I'm betting there’s a pony in here! I recently lowered my expectations for what I get from a friend who used to annoy me.Joe Isn't compassion much easier when we realize that people the world over are, despite some physical differences, very much like us, and suffer just as we do? ,you meet so few people that are genuinely happy you get apathetic The meeting of him had a major effect on my way of thinking and my life I decided I wanted to be like he was, Happy!

I wrote about that pairing recently here, as the tension between philosophy and philanthropy, broadly defined.

I think(may be mistaken) order implies rules, dominance, control if anything.course, if a person values security most of all(hope I've picked up the right word here), he may seek order and control.

that is, if he needs someone to control his existence doubting his own ability(or fearing disability)..a question arises: is discipline needed where there is a lack of love?

We’re happier to accept other people’s difficult behaviors when we expect less from them. If happiness and compassion are your sole goals, lower your expectations. Expect no good things to come to you,from you, from circumstances or from others and you’ll be eternally delighted, grateful for any good things that happen.

No expectation of a pony means no risk of disappointment.

Larissa it is such a pleasure to be read as well as you've read me.

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