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Lowry may have been shy and fiercely private, but he maintained a wide range of social acquaintances from the London art world and the Manchester intellectual scene – centred on the university and the Manchester Guardian – to the people he met on his rent-collecting round.Lowry’s earliest paintings, such as 'Home on Eccles Old Road’ of 1913, are executed in a kind of provincial Post-Impressionist manner, heavily influenced by the French painter Adolphe Valette, under whom he studied at Manchester’s Municipal College of Art.While Lowry did paint other self-portraits that conform very much to the idea of him as an outsider artist, such as the tormented 'Horrible Heads’ series, produced during his mother’s final illness.Yet seen against the development of his art as a whole, it is apparent that these are the highly conscious works of an artist who was well-versed in the art of his own time and the past.He’s universally known in this country, but means pretty much nothing anywhere else.Now, however, a major exhibition at Tate Britain aims to strip away the layers of myth, cultural embarrassment and romanticised biography to present Lowry simply as an important 20th Century artist. 'People talk about Lowry as old fashioned, nostalgic and lacking in competence, which is just a set of codes for the fact that an artist dealing with the reality of working class life in Britain can’t be taken seriously.’ One of the most intriguing things about this revisionist view of Lowry is that it is being generated not by some long established authority in the north of England, but by a couple of highly influential Californian academics: Clark and his long term collaborator Anne M. If the term Californian is a slight misnomer – Wagner is from Connecticut and Clark hails originally from Bristol – both are emeritus professors of the University of California, Berkeley, who have worked intensively on early Modernist painting from Manet onwards.Here in Salford you’re walking over the long-flattened rubble of that world, from which all trace of the red-brick terraces, the mills, the soot-blackened gothic churches seems to have been erased.Yet the question that hits you isn’t so much where did it all go, but whether or not it ever actually existed – certainly in the way Lowry portrayed it.

A tall, ungainly man in a raincoat who tramped the Salford streets, a rent-collector by day and an artist by night, a lifelong Tory voter and teetotaller, who lived with his mother and never formed relationships with women, Lowry is seen as a social and cultural curiosity: a naive outsider, whose relentlessly repetitive work hints at an intellectual and emotional constriction, an Asperger’s-like precocity.

The pair tried to save their marriage during their time on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars but to no avail.

I’m trudging along a busy road in Salford, past small industrial sites, scraps of buddleia-choked wasteland and the entrances to crouching, cul-de-sac council estates. Lowry to anyone in Britain and a certain urban landscape will be evoked: factory walls, belching chimneys, looming mills, the streets below teeming with figures, invariably described as 'matchstick’, moving with a kind of tidal drift towards, or away from, mill gateways, mines, football matches, political meetings.

'Like any normal person, I want it to be a happy time.' 'Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won't agree but I've been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out.' She has not however, spoken with her ex husband - who she shares equal custody of Lincoln with - about her pregnancy.

'As far as Javi goes, we didn't have a conversation because we clearly don't know how to have a healthy conversation,' she said.

However, Kailyn took to Twitter to deny Larry was her baby's father, saying he was an MTV producer. We were talking about how good Isaac is.'In a previous special, the Teen Mom star - who is almost five months pregnant -refused to say who the father is. [I'm] not ready yet.'The mother-of-two - who got her start on TV with 16 And Pregnant - already has sons Isaac (from Lowry's relationship with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera), and Lincoln, three (from her marriage to ex-husband Javi Marroquin).

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