Meagan good joseph gordon levitt dating


He took a break from acting (which he was doing from the age of six) and joined Columbia University School of General Studies, but dropped out in 2004.

After dropping out, he focused more on acting, writing and directing.

Has starred in three films with good friends Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Entertainment - Actor Why Famous: Tommy Solomon of 3rd Rock from the Sun, television show Age: 37 (b.

T0 me what's important is not the budget of the movie or where the money came from, whether it came from Warner Brothers or Voltage Pictures.

What's important for me is the intention of the filmmaker and the spirit on set and what the movie's about and why we are all making it.

The production was produced by Rebellion Productions, LLC.

[on his transition from television to film work] I'm sure luck has a lot to do with it, I wouldn't deny that.

In the past, the star had been romantically linked to stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50 Cent and Tyrese."I would feel bad and be like, 'Let's try to be celibate,'" Good continued.

While today they are going three years strong into their beautiful marriage, their love story almost didn't happen. Praying together and going to church together, reading together and keeping God in our relationship is critical.

When the couple first worked together on the set of the 2011 movie, , it was difficult for them to get past seeing each other as just work associates."I was like, 'I don't want to be the guy that's known for trying to hit on the talent,'" Franklin recalled. So even if I wanted to think that it was possible, it was not possible."Good admitted that she found Franklin attractive at first, but had trouble seeing him more than "the guy who gives you the job." Somewhere along the line, the two became flirtier. After their relationship success, the couple now has a new book out called ."We see splits every single day, especially in Hollywood," Franklin said. She's the number one priority in my life.""And he's the number one priority in my life," Good added.

In fact, this is what make a relationship to grow: harmony, to find the equilibrium between the two parts.

To rely on the strengths and work together or even accept the flaws.

The patriarchal way of dating, where women were meant to be dependent on men, is no longer a trend.

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