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Public schooling began in 1937 though enrollment in it was low for some time; however, by the 1940s many young Kuwaiti women were enrolled in primary school.

It was often women themselves who pushed for these educational advances and opportunities and in 1956 a group of young women burned their abayyas to protest their right to go abroad to study.

For those families that could afford it, houses were built with a courtyard and a harem where women spent most of their time.

While men were seafaring, Kuwait’s women managed their homes, and controlled family affairs and finances.The participation of Kuwaiti women in the labor force is much higher than the regional GCC average, Women’s activism in Kuwait began in the 1950s.The first women’s organization, the Arab Women’s Renaissance Association (later changed to the Family Renaissance Association), was established by Noureya Al-Saddani in 1962 and was soon followed by the Women’s Cultural and Social Society in February 1963.In 1999, the Emir Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah promulgated a decree granting women suffrage after the parliament was dissolved, however, it was overturned by the new parliament just months later by two-votes difference.Almost exactly four years after women were given full political rights, four were elected into parliament for the first time.Kuwait’s long tradition of artistic expression has been spearheaded and organized by women.

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