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Or, perhaps will surprise the skeptic in everyone and flesh out a full-on love story between its stars to rival that of a Calzona or Brittana.

Executive producer Drew Barrymore is a friend and ally to the LGBT community, so yeah, we'll go with that.

She has also signed to the HBO comedy series Washingtonienne and Melt, an Australian production.

Taylor began a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy as Dr.

Minka will play a neat freak that’s also a former U.

If you’re wondering about Drew Barrymore, she’s producing the show.

Lucy Fields, an obstetrician and maternal-fetal fellow.

Although the film performed disappointingly at the box-office and received lukewarm reviews, Taylor was praised for her role.

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She then made the transition to Hollywood, appearing in films including Man-Thing (2005), See No Evil (2006), Transformers (2007), Bottle Shock (2008), Cedar Boys (2009), Splinterheads (2009), Shutter (2008), Red Dog (2011) and Any Questions for Ben? She currently stars as Trish Walker in the Netflix exclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming television shows Jessica Jones and The Defenders.

Brandi Carlile recording backing vocals for Jack’s Mannequin on the song “Restless Dream.” She’s not in the video but you can hear her singing in it.

Rachael May Taylor (born 11 July 1984) is an Australian actress and model.

Barrymore is also one of the producers of the new series.

The newest Angels will have their own interesting backstories.

If you’re watching last night and she discussed her Bieber Fever.

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