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tool ldd(1) - print shared object dependencies less(1) - opposite of more lessecho(1) - expand metacharacters lesskey(1) - specify key bindings for less lex(1p) - generate programs for lexical tasks (DEVELOPMENT) lexgrog(1) - parse header information in man pages line(1) - read one line link(1) - call the link function to create a link to a file link(1p) - call link() function lkbib(1) - search bibliographic databases ln(1) - make links between files ln(1p) - link files loadkeys(1) - load keyboard translation tables locale(1) - get locale-specific information locale(1p) - specific information localectl(1) - Control the system locale and keyboard layout settings localedef(1) - compile locale definition files localedef(1p) - define locale environment locate(1) - list files in databases that match a pattern logger(1) - enter messages into the system log logger(1p) - log messages login(1) - begin session on the system loginctl(1) - Control the systemd login manager logname(1) - print userĀ“s login name logname(1p) - return the user's login name look(1) - display lines beginning with a given string lookbib(1) - search bibliographic databases lp(1) - print files lp(1p) - send files to a printer lpoptions(1) - display or set printer options and defaults lpq(1) - show printer queue status lpr(1) - print files lprm(1) - cancel print jobs lpstat(1) - print cups status information ls(1) - list directory contents ls(1p) - list directory contents lsattr(1) - list file attributes on a Linux second extended file system lscpu(1) - display information about the CPU architecture lsinitrd(1) - tool to show the contents of an initramfs image lsipc(1) - show information on IPC facilities currently employed in the system lslogins(1) - display information about known users in the system lsmem(1) - list the ranges of available memory with their online status ltrace(1) - A library call tracer lttng-add-context(1) - Add context fields to an LTTng channel lttng-calibrate(1) - Quantify LTTng overhead lttng-crash(1) - Recover and view LTTng 2 trace buffers in the event of a crash lttng-create(1) - Create an LTTng tracing session lttng-destroy(1) - Destroy an LTTng tracing session lttng-disable-channel(1) - Disable LTTng channels lttng-disable-event(1) - Disable LTTng event rules lttng-enable-channel(1) - Create or enable LTTng channels lttng-enable-event(1) - Create or enable LTTng event rules lttng-gen-tp(1) - Generate LTTng-UST tracepoint provider code lttng-help(1) - Display help information about an LTTng command lttng-list(1) - List LTTng tracing sessions, domains, channels, and events lttng-load(1) - Load LTTng tracing session configurations lttng-metadata(1) - Manage an LTTng tracing session's metadata generation lttng-regenerate(1) - Manage an LTTng tracing session's data regeneration lttng-save(1) - Save LTTng tracing session configurations lttng-set-session(1) - Set the current LTTng tracing session lttng-snapshot(1) - Take LTTng snapshots and configure snapshot outputs lttng-start(1) - Start LTTng tracers lttng-status(1) - Get the current LTTng tracing session's status lttng-stop(1) - Stop LTTng tracers lttng-track(1) - Add one or more entries to an LTTng resource tracker lttng-untrack(1) - Remove one or more entries from an LTTng resource tracker lttng-version(1) - Get the version of LTTng-tools lttng-view(1) - View the traces of an LTTng tracing session lttng(1) - LTTng 2 tracer control command-line tool lttngtop(1) - LTTng Trace Viewer lttngtoptrace(1) - Live textual LTTng Trace Viewer lxc-attach(1) - start a process inside a running container.

lxc-autostart(1) - start/stop/kill auto-started containers lxc-cgroup(1) - manage the control group associated with a container lxc-checkconfig(1) - check the current kernel for lxc support lxc-checkpoint(1) - checkpoint a container lxc-config(1) - query LXC system configuration lxc-console(1) - Launch a console for the specified container lxc-copy(1) - copy an existing container.

aria_ftdump(1) - display full-text index information aria_pack(1) - generate compressed, read-only Aria tables aria_read_log(1) - display Aria log file contents AS(1) - the portable GNU assembler. asa(1p) - control characters at(1p) - execute commands at a later time attr(1) - extended attributes on XFS filesystem objects audit2allow(1) - generate SELinux policy allow/dontaudit rules from logs of denied operations audit2why(1) - generate SELinux policy allow/dontaudit rules from logs of denied operations autofsd-probe(1) - probe Auto FS mount/unmount daemon autopoint(1) - copies standard gettext infrastructure awk(1p) - pattern scanning and processing language b2sum(1) - compute and check BLAKE2 message digest babeltrace-convert(1) - Convert one or more traces babeltrace-help(1) - Get help for a Babeltrace plugin or component class babeltrace-list-plugins(1) - List Babeltrace plugins and their properties babeltrace-log(1) - Convert a Linux kernel ring buffer to a CTF trace babeltrace-query(1) - Query object from a component class babeltrace-run(1) - Create a trace processing graph and run it babeltrace(1) - Convert or process one or more traces, and more base32(1) - base32 encode/decode data and print to standard output base64(1) - base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output basename(1) - strip directory and suffix from filenames basename(1p) - directory portion of a pathname bash(1) - GNU Bourne-Again SHell batch(1p) - schedule commands to be executed in a batch queue bc(1p) - precision arithmetic language bg(1p) - run jobs in the background blkparse(1) - produce formatted output of event streams of block devices blkrawverify(1) - verifies an output file produced by blkparse bno_plot(1) - generate interactive 3D plot of IO blocks and sizes bootctl(1) - Control the firmware and boot manager settings break(1p) - exit from for, while, or until loop btt(1) - analyse block i/o traces produces by blktrace busctl(1) - Introspect the bus c99(1p) - compile standard C programs cal(1) - display a calendar cal(1p) - print a calendar callgrind_annotate(1) - post-processing tool for the Callgrind callgrind_control(1) - observe and control programs being run by Callgrind cancel(1) - cancel jobs capsh(1) - capability shell wrapper cat(1) - concatenate files and print on the standard output cat(1p) - concatenate and print files cd(1p) - change the working directory certtool(1) - Gnu TLS certificate tool cflow(1p) - language flowgraph (DEVELOPMENT) cg_annotate(1) - post-processing tool for Cachegrind cgcc(1) - Compiler wrapper to run Sparse after compiling cg_diff(1) - compares two Cachegrind output files cg_merge(1) - merges multiple Cachegrind output files into one chacl(1) - change the access control list of a file or directory chage(1) - change user password expiry information chattr(1) - change file attributes on a Linux file system chcon(1) - change file security context chem(1) - groff preprocessor for producing chemical structure diagrams chfn(1) - change your finger information chgrp(1) - change group ownership chgrp(1p) - change the file group ownership chkhelp(1) - check performance metrics help text files chmod(1) - change file mode bits chmod(1p) - change the file modes chown(1) - change file owner and group chown(1p) - change the file ownership chroot(1) - run command or interactive shell with special root directory chrt(1) - manipulate the real-time attributes of a process chsh(1) - change your login shell chvt(1) - change foreground virtual terminal cifsiostat(1) - Report CIFS statistics.

cksum(1) - checksum and count the bytes in a file cksum(1p) - write file checksums and sizes CLEAR(1) - clear the terminal screen clear(1) - clear the terminal screen cmp(1) - compare two files byte by byte cmp(1p) - compare two files col(1) - filter reverse line feeds from input colcrt(1) - filter nroff output for CRT previewing collectl2pcp(1) - import collectl data to a PCP archive colon(1p) - null utility colrm(1) - remove columns from a file column(1) - columnate lists comm(1) - compare two sorted files line by line comm(1p) - select or reject lines common to two files command(1p) - execute a simple command comp_err(1) - compile Maria DB error message file compress(1p) - compress data continue(1p) - continue for, while, or until loop coredumpctl(1) - Retrieve and process saved core dumps and metadata coreutils(1) - single binary for coreutils programs cp(1) - copy files and directories cp(1p) - copy files cpp(1) - The C Preprocessor cronnext(1) - time of next job cron will execute crontab(1) - maintains crontab files for individual users crontab(1p) - schedule periodic background work csplit(1) - split a file into sections determined by context lines csplit(1p) - split files based on context ctags(1p) - create a tags file (DEVELOPMENT, FORTRAN) cups-config(1) - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.

The NET-SNMP project includes various SNMP tools: an extensible agent, an SNMP library, tools for requesting or setting information from SNMP agents, tools for generating and handling SNMP traps, a version of the package, which contains NET-SNMP utilities.cups(1) - a standards-based, open source printing system cupstestdsc(1) - test conformance of postscript files (deprecated) cupstestppd(1) - test conformance of ppd files cut(1) - remove sections from each line of files cut(1p) - cut out selected fields of each line of a file cxref(1p) - language program cross-reference table (DEVELOPMENT) danetool(1) - Gnu TLS DANE tool dash(1) - command interpreter (shell) date(1) - print or set the system date and time date(1p) - write the date and time dbpmda(1) - debugger for Performance Co-Pilot PMDAs dbprobe(1) - database response time and availability information dd(1) - convert and copy a file dd(1p) - convert and copy a file deallocvt(1) - deallocate unused virtual consoles debuginfo-install(1) - install debuginfo packages and their dependencies delta(1p) - make a delta (change) to an SCCS file (DEVELOPMENT) df(1) - report file system disk space usage df(1p) - report free disk space dh(1) - debhelper command sequencer dh_auto_build(1) - automatically builds a package dh_auto_clean(1) - automatically cleans up after a build dh_auto_configure(1) - automatically configure a package prior to building dh_auto_install(1) - automatically runs make install or similar dh_auto_test(1) - automatically runs a package's test suites dh_bugfiles(1) - install bug reporting customization files into package build directories dh_builddeb(1) - build Debian binary packages dh_clean(1) - clean up package build directories dh_compress(1) - compress files and fix symlinks in package build directories dh_dwz(1) - optimize DWARF debug information in ELF binaries via dwz dh_fixperms(1) - fix permissions of files in package build directories dh_gconf(1) - install GConf defaults files and register schemas dh_gencontrol(1) - generate and install control file dh_icons(1) - Update caches of Freedesktop icons dh_install(1) - install files into package build directories dh_installcatalogs(1) - install and register SGML Catalogs dh_installchangelogs(1) - install changelogs into package build directories dh_installcron(1) - install cron scripts into etc/cron.* dh_installdeb(1) - install files into the DEBIAN directory dh_installdebconf(1) - install files used by debconf in package build directories dh_installdirs(1) - create subdirectories in package build directories dh_installdocs(1) - install documentation into package build directories dh_installemacsen(1) - register an Emacs add on package dh_installexamples(1) - install example files into package build directories dh_installgsettings(1) - install GSettings overrides and set dependencies dh_installifupdown(1) - install if-up and if-down hooks dh_installinfo(1) - install info files dh_installinit(1) - install service init files into package build directories dh_installlogcheck(1) - install logcheck rulefiles into etc/logcheck/ dh_installlogrotate(1) - install logrotate config files dh_installman(1) - install man pages into package build directories dh_installmanpages(1) - old-style man page installer (deprecated) dh_installmenu(1) - install Debian menu files into package build directories dh_installmime(1) - install mime files into package build directories dh_installmodules(1) - register kernel modules dh_installpam(1) - install pam support files dh_installppp(1) - install ppp ip-up and ip-down files dh_installsystemd(1) - install systemd unit files dh_installudev(1) - install udev rules files dh_installwm(1) - register a window manager dh_installxfonts(1) - register X fonts dh_link(1) - create symlinks in package build directories dh_lintian(1) - install lintian override files into package build directories dh_listpackages(1) - list binary packages debhelper will act on dh_makeshlibs(1) - automatically create shlibs file and call dpkg-gensymbols dh_md5sums(1) - generate DEBIAN/md5sums file dh_missing(1) - check for missing files dh_movefiles(1) - move files out of debian/tmp into subpackages dh_perl(1) - calculates Perl dependencies and cleans up after Make Maker dh_prep(1) - perform cleanups in preparation for building a binary package dh_shlibdeps(1) - calculate shared library dependencies dh_strip(1) - strip executables, shared libraries, and some static libraries dh_systemd_enable(1) - enable/disable systemd unit files dh_systemd_start(1) - start/stop/restart systemd unit files dh_testdir(1) - test directory before building Debian package dh_testroot(1) - ensure that a package is built with necessary level of root permissions dh_ucf(1) - register configuration files with ucf dh_update_autotools_config(1) - Update autotools config files dh_usrlocal(1) - migrate usr/local directories to maintainer scripts diff(1) - compare files line by line diff(1p) - compare two files diff3(1) - compare three files line by line dir(1) - list directory contents dircolors(1) - color setup for ls dirname(1) - strip last component from file name dirname(1p) - return the directory portion of a pathname dlltool(1) - Create files needed to build and use DLLs.dmesg(1) - print or control the kernel ring buffer dnsdomainname(1) - show or set the system's host name domainname(1) - show or set the system's host name dot(1p) - execute commands in the current environment dpkg-architecture(1) - set and determine the architecture for package building dpkg-buildflags(1) - returns build flags to use during package build dpkg-buildpackage(1) - build binary or source packages from sources dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1) - check build dependencies and conflicts dpkg-deb(1) - Debian package archive (.deb) manipulation tool dpkg-distaddfile(1) - add entries to debian/files dpkg-divert(1) - override a package's version of a file dpkg-genbuildinfo(1) - generate Debian .buildinfo files dpkg-genchanges(1) - generate Debian .changes files dpkg-gencontrol(1) - generate Debian control files dpkg-gensymbols(1) - generate symbols files (shared library dependency information) dpkg-maintscript-helper(1) - works around known dpkg limitations in maintainer scripts dpkg-mergechangelogs(1) - 3-way merge of debian/changelog files dpkg-name(1) - rename Debian packages to full package names dpkg-parsechangelog(1) - parse Debian changelog files dpkg-query(1) - a tool to query the dpkg database dpkg-scanpackages(1) - create Packages index files dpkg-scansources(1) - create Sources index files dpkg-shlibdeps(1) - generate shared library substvar dependencies dpkg-source(1) - Debian source package (.dsc) manipulation tool dpkg-split(1) - Debian package archive split/join tool dpkg-statoverride(1) - override ownership and mode of files dpkg-trigger(1) - a package trigger utility dpkg-vendor(1) - queries information about distribution vendors dpkg(1) - package manager for Debian dselect(1) - Debian package management frontend dtrace(1) - Dtrace compatible user application static probe generation tool.Firejail(1) - Linux namespaces sandbox program firejail(1) - Linux namespaces sandbox program Firemon(1) - Monitoring program for processes started in a Firejail sandbox.firemon(1) - Monitoring program for processes started in a Firejail sandbox.grolj4(1) - groff driver for HP Laserjet 4 family gropdf(1) - PDF driver for groff grops(1) - Post Script driver for groff grotty(1) - groff driver for typewriter-like devices groups(1) - print the groups a user is in guards(1) - select from a list of files guarded by conditions hash(1p) - remember or report utility locations head(1) - output the first part of files head(1p) - copy the first part of files hexdump(1) - display file contents in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, or ascii hg(1) - Mercurial source code management system hostid(1) - print the numeric identifier for the current host hostname(1) - show or set the system's host name hostnamectl(1) - Control the system hostname hpftodit(1) - create font description files for use with groff -Tlj4 htop(1) - interactive process viewer iconv(1) - convert text from one character encoding to another iconv(1p) - codeset conversion id(1) - print real and effective user and group IDs id(1p) - return user identity indent(1) - changes the appearance of a C program by inserting or deleting whitespace.

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