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I prefer to date a person who also eats healthyfood , who do not eat junk food.

Im done with my bachelors degree and imconsidering grad school. I love to cook and i love dessertgood chocolate is one of my vices.

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I would love to have my ownpiece of land someday, and homestead. Online speed dating in bromley, kent, united kingdom. We havepride in offering a great dating service that offers 24-7 support,chatrooms, im, & much more.

Thiswould be especially useful, as many people will have other qualitiesthey desire in a potential mate aside from a certain attribute.

Im a bitof a healthnut and naturopathic so that makes whole foods and sproutsmy pharmacy.

I like cooking, playing music and singing,reading or watching a movie or a documentary.

The lime-coconut cheese cake is somethingwe personally just cant get enough of luscious, smooth and richbut without any of the heart-attack heaviness of the dairy version.

Im now starting to see more of the ethicalreasons and think what we are doing with the mass farming, etc. We just dont eat things that were once alive orthe secretions of another creature.

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