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The SHCJ was conceived as a successor organization to the Society for the History of the Jews in the Czechoslovak Republic (Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Juden in der Čzechoslovakischen Republik), which was founded in Prague, on 22 April 1928, by the Prague lodge of B’nai B’rith.

The Prague society published a German-language journal ( (volumes 1 to 6, 1987-1994).

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Drawing from researchers dating back to Darwin, Johnston and Olson weave together a myriad of theories that seek to define emotion in various ways.

The authors offer comprehensive coverage of what they view as the most profound contributions to affective neuroscience, hoping to engage their audience in a way that goes beyond a mere question-answer approach. As stated in the Introduction, “each chapter will focus on a small number of select individuals whose work has helped shaped emotion research today” (xvi).

“Boxes,” short sections explaining concepts relevant to their respective chapters, provide textbook-like definitions and labeled figures to help with understanding.

The scholar Guido Kisch, who had been associated with the original Prague society, was an honorary president.

Others who held leadership roles in the society from the 1990s on were Fred Hahn and Alan A.

Approximately half of the collection comprises general correspondence of the society (Series IV), which often reflects the society's participation in cultural events in the United States, as well as in contemporary events relating to the Jewish communities in the Czech Republic and, to a lesser extent, Slovakia.

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