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Editing tables is not possible as SQL 2005 pops the error 'Error validating the default for column 'rowguid'' Can I change (newsequentialid()) to (newid()) without any other side effects?? Chris AFAIK, the reason for introducing sequential guids was to address performance problems that many faced when using non sequential guids generated with newid(). One guy there also experiences the validating problem. Chris Are you ready to take your data science career to the next step, or break into data science?

Now, working with replication I do not have to use newsequetialid(). What I learned from the link is that newsequetialid() might be a good idea only for high I/O scenarios. With Springboard’s Data Science Career Track, you’ll master data science topics, have personalized career guidance, weekly calls with a data science expert, and a job guarantee.

Every time a new record is created in the jobs table, I want the status to default to new, which has a guid of 4F1C7212-CC8A-4E92-A4F5-278254185ED9.

I put that value in the default properties, but it returns a validation error when clicking away from the default value field in the table design.

Any help would be great, otherwise I'll have to write a trigger.

You should start a new thread always when you have a new issue if already exist thread is marked as resolved, experts may miss it :) Keep your column datatype VARCHAR(50) OR NVARCHAR(50) and give your default value with single quotes like '4F1C7212-CC8A-4E92-A4F5-278254185ED9' See if it works.

FYI, this is a sample 'uniqueidentifier' value: 41cbbcd0-95fe-4c8f-9985-8b4ee8c5e49c Mike, There you have the answer to my question!

After some investigation we figured out that we could use the new OS function Uuid Create Sequential with some byte scrambling to convince the rest of SQL engine that guids are produced in sequential order.

I have a column in my file with the 'uniqueidentifier' datatype.

I would like to have it set by SQL Server Express automatically.

If an application must generate an identifier column that is unique across the database, or every database on every networked computer in the world, use the uniqueidentifier data type and the NEWID (Transact-SQL) or NEWSEQUENTIALID() function.

The Database Engine does not automatically generate values for the column.

I created a column in a table with datatype uniqueidentifier which is set as Row GUID and the default value to newsequentialid().

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