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It's like when the lionesses are expected to hunt for the males.But when did men begin to think of themselves this way?

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But don't they understand they are just denying themselves that slim opportunity to find real happiness? I didn't think it was a homeless person she got the swab from....have to watch that episode again from the first season.I watched "Counterpoint" before I started watching "The Man in the High Castle" but even if I hadn't, I would have thought there had to be a parallel world involved somehow. No, I think it will get a second season just on the basis that they'll pull in the numbers from grey's and also because they have a pretty a decent cast.Maybe we were raised on too many Audrey Hepburn films, but what ever happened to the guy who can't live until he gets the girl?Why is our generation denied the dinner dates and romantic surprises?But what is it about Drake that turns guys off so much?

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