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Jade bravely threw buckets of water at a bushfire that ravaged their villa in Trinidad and Tobago back in 2007 and rescued their terrified toddlers Bobby and Freddie from inside.' I said, 'I don't want to be complacent, but I think we're all right'," Jeff laughed.Jeff told Mirror Online: '[Marriage is] going to happen.Using Workbench, you are capable of migrating data which starts by first establishing a Server Instance for each of the servers.I will list below the steps to migrate data using PHP: Do not forget that you can only upload smaller database files as large files might be partially uploaded leaving you with a broken application.

Now it looks like he has finally found happiness and is ready to settle down with his new girlfriend.

He shook the coach's hand and was immediately presented with a trophy - marking a big moment for his sporting talents."I want to do this relationship right..whatever right is!

It has been eight years since Big Brother star Jade Goody passed away after a battle with cancer.

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it's what we all try to create.'Jeff admitted that he felt 'going solo' was more of a realistic way of bringing up sons Bobby and Freddie but that he feels he and Kate can now 'start getting all the rewards that we deserve.' Speaking recently told Mail Online, Jeff revealed that his sons' favourite memory of their late mum Jade Goody is when she heroically helped put out a fire while they were on holiday.

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