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Here’s how it works: Say you’re a man looking for women to only “talk” to.You browse a slew of candidates who’ve uploaded a picture (with options to chat, call, or video) and ranked themselves on qualities such as emotional stability and openness to experience (based off a personality test, which may not be that great for dating, but who cares if you’ll never dating).

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”I asked Phrendly what man demographics it was working off, and if this was basically an app for paid sexting, and de Leon said, “Some men simply aren’t in the market for a serious relationship, travel frequently for work, or are too busy to date IRL, but still crave interaction with attractive and engaging women.

Nina, 22, for instance, describes herself as “a sweet lil loaf of bread,” who considers herself “controlled, stress free” and “sociable, enthusiastic.”Then you would “show your interest” in Nina by initiating a conversation with her.

And after 10 back-and-forths, you’d buy her a virtual drink — which costs .

“The chemistry experienced within online exchanges frequently doesn’t translate in person,” she wrote.

“Often times, expectations are misaligned: She’s looking for a long-term relationship, and he’s only interested in a fling.

What if you end up falling in love in a phrenzy of phrenetic connection and want to start a phrenology business, but then you don’t know if it’s you or your virtual drinks she phell for?

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