Onlyonechillam bradford dating

If your child is photographed, i will contact the parent/carer before uploading to make sure your OK with the pictures.

Sorry i dont have a father , or a son to bring , Hi everyone.

Could do with meeting some new friends with kids too.

Hope to meet you all there takecare all This sounds like a really fun day dont know weather i will have my yougest daughter that day so wont sign up just yet but maybe if i havent got her may still come along to join in the fun,what happens if it is raining do we still come along i believe there is a pub near there we cud all possibly go to if the weather is too bad ?????

Ooooh so the lovely Souths is gonna be hosting with yuo, wondered wehre he had got to, miss him and his daft stories Well i haven't actually told any of my family yet Savina lol. Yorkslass well come along anyway, you don't have to have children to attend this meet. I reckon numbers will steadily go up for attendance. Well , I'll try to rustle up a couple of rounds of pass the parcel I think I have a battery opperated ghetto blaster somewhere , otherwise , we'll just have to sing and stop to let them unwrap .

I'm bringing some face paints for the children and any adults that want to join in. Dont blame me if ya sons get skipping ropes though I can do the butterfly face paints too , although , if they end up looking like moths , dont blame me , I have a mate who has a gazebo , will see if i can borrow .

Please bring along footballs, camping chairs, frisbee's, your picnic stuff, anything you want really. They will be taken at this meet and displayed on POF.

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