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Please advertise that you are attending this meet on your profile to help spread the word meets are now happening in your area.

Something like this would be well on this venture i wish you well its agreat idea i would help but i be away but i will help next time if i still in yorkshire any idea what we can do for children in need for i am a ex entertainer maybe we could come up with a meet fun raiser This looks great Missy i will deff try to get to this one but wont sign up just yet as not too sure if i can manage. Well i've got 3 mates coming along with their children now.

Parking charges : House Car Park : Cars £3.50All other car parks are free are in view as you drive towards the house.

There's usually wardens located at each of the car parks.

The meet is open to all age groups, and from experience of other meets, there's people of all ages that attend.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

About time I made some new friends who have children. Emma Same here, it's one of the reasons i set this day up.

This meet isn't just about the dating scene, but you never know what can happen when you attend any meet. Hope to see you on the day : )Hay Emma and Missy h , this family fun day sounds good try and come along with my kiddi if i have the funds .

All other images will be censored or taken off at member request.

Please sign up below and remember to take yourself off if you can not attend.

If your child is photographed, i will contact the parent/carer before uploading to make sure your OK with the pictures.

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