Oral sex fetish dating


Virginia slims, capris, and a brand called More 120s, oddly enough, these are some of the most popular brands among men. Yup I have heard of it...."Do women really think its sexy when they smoke?

We can easily chalk it up to oral fixation, but it does seem more a reversal of power. " = probably not it's routine maybe..."Do women have this fetish as well?

I dont mind a girl smoking, never have, and never really thought about it again till the other day when some how out to eat with some friends for atleast the 4th time in my life a girl told me she felt she was sexier when she smoked.

She actually went on to say the entire reason she started smoking was because a guy she dated had a smoking fetish and he convinced her to give it a try. Can we throw it down on sidewald and stomp on it when we're through with it ? I have seen some of the prettiest women out there and I glance at them and they sometimes glance back but when I see them light up they might as well forget it.

People still smoke in my house and in my car and it does not bother me in the least.

More men then not find it sexy, but deny it until they have the annominity of the internet hide behind and will then tell you right out if asked in real life they will say its nasty to keep from being seen as a freak.

The men feel dominant in getting the ladies to smoke, and the women feel dominant over the men in doing so. " = yea, some probably have..."Do you feel sexier when you smoke?

The romeo and juliet syndrom as I call it, we shall slowly posion ourseleves for each other as symbol of our love. " = nope I just am a closet ciggie smoker when stressed out ..."How do I feel knowing that according to the stats 6/10 men are watching me" = yea okay I'm a closet ciggie smoker so probably those that watch are seeing me in my stressed state...."What does everyone think about this concept?

They sell videos, and have thousands upon thousands of sites dedicated to this fetish. Bascially Im just asking, what does everyone think about this concept? .....it's disgusting.....if a mind is weak enough to fall for some crap like that......imagine what other things you could convince her of? I never EVER light up, while in the saddle...never. She looked at me and said you will never have to worry about me smoking.

So I decided so to speak to get the opinion of the general public. .....maybe guys should seek these girls out and they would all be very happy.....until she dies of some horrible disease......they could just find another one......... In fact, I think the face a person makes while inhaling is decidely unsexy. I had a huge fetish for smoking and have had it since I was very young that is why I began smoking when I was nine.

The number one reason of course Ive found that girls start smoking if of course peer pressure, but very closely followed is a boyfriend convincing them to start, and very often it also seems that the peer pressure comes from the boyfriend.

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