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By the 70s and even now of course its viewed as sexy, you have certain brands of cigarettes target towards women where the ads make the woman out to be more sexy because she is smoking. I'm trainin' but heck...nobody wants to help me practice.I will never be able to explain why in the world I liked it so much and will never know how it changed for me but it did and it was no more explainable than someone being attracted to blond hair and blue eyes. I truly thought I would smoke till the day I died I liked it so much.I actually had a boyfriend once that liked me to smoke while .... he prefered certain cigarettes and he liked me to play with the smoke, blow it on him, exhale the smoke while he was in my mouth and such..loved it.2 of of 5 of these guys seem to be non smokers, and 1 of these 2 always seem to have a fantasy of being forced to smoke by a girl who does.The 2nd biggest fantasy seems to be convincing a girl to smoke.The number one reason of course Ive found that girls start smoking if of course peer pressure, but very closely followed is a boyfriend convincing them to start, and very often it also seems that the peer pressure comes from the boyfriend.

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