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Log in or create an account today so you never miss a new release. Now running 12 years, DEEP consistently delivers the best DJ’s and performers house music has to offer.The experience was wearing him down but, ultimately, lead him to Ifa, where he would find in his own words, spiritual strength and creative freedom.In 1999 Osunlade, now in New York, founded Yoruba Records and got his musical career firmly on track.Further ahead, is the prospect of Osunlade’s new, long-awaited house album Romantique – it promises to be his last house collection, though he insists the one-off productions and remixes will carry on. It’s kind of a sad thing that you have so many labels popping up, it’s like they have new artists, new producers that are not really musicians, producers,” Osunlade told Defected earlier this year.“No one’s really taking the role of quality assurance; anyone can put a record out, or have a label, there’s no overhead, there’s no promotion outside of the digital site.With its own family of talented producers and artists developing and bridging sound and cultures, the labels’ evolution is endless and bright.

Osunlade’s big follow-up to Paradigm was 2006 opus Aquarian Moon.

Osunlade’s ordination as priest of shamanic African religion Ifa at the tail-end of the 1990s quickly inspired a broad spectrum of spiritual club and urban sounds – covering everything from soul and R&B to hip-hop and deep polyrhythmic dance.

Osunlade had been working in LA at the heart of a furiously money-driven, totally ruthless mainstream music business.

This year, Osunlade gave us Rebirth; another wonderful showcase of his eclectic visions beyond the house dancefloor.

Rebirth mixed mellow club-orientated ideas such as Break It Down and The Dating Game with meaningful songs steeped in the finest traditions of jazz, soul and world music – all, impressively, recorded with a funky nine-piece orchestra.

I’ve made a conscious decision to not make another house artist album.

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