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The bride is carried in a parade to the groom's home, where the celebration takes place with food, sweets, music and dancing.

The family may slaughter one or more lambs to feed the guests, and members of the extended family often pitch in to prepare other dishes.

I explore the roots of traditional Palestinian values then turn to how the forces of change have blurred the distinction of uniquely recognizable Palestinian values.

But, then I heard Palestinians themselves saying, "What values? Today, I would like to talk about Palestinian values. In my brief talk today, I discuss Palestinian values in terms of Florence Kluckhohn's five value orientations.

This is true for both Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

Courtship differs somewhat in larger towns and cities, where young men and women are more likely to be introduced by family, but then spend time getting to know one another, usually with a family chaperone, before deciding whether or not to marry.

Instead of the elders being the leaders, the children became the source of Palestinian pride and power.During the sixties and seventies, Palestinian values appeared to have been grafted onto the refugee culture found in the camps as well as the various factions of the Palestinian national movement.Within both of these alien settings, Palestinians recreated the traditional male hierarchy of leadership, used familial terms of address, and forged strong allegiances similar to those found in their villages back in Palestine.In late 1987, the Palestinian uprising known as the Intifada began.While numerous scholars have commented on the political significance of the uprising, the social impact was equally profound.After the "nakba" or disaster as the Palestinians refer to the loss of their land and livelihood in Palestine, the Palestinian society was catapulted into a whirl of conflicting values.

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