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A summertime rainy season in the Arctic forests of the Eocene. , 74: 158-169, doi:10.1007/s00239-012-9496-1 (view/download pdf). The variety in environment and post-depositional features is reflected in the variety and complexity of pretreatment procedures and the variety of different types of dateable material (see above).

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The lab must consider the possibility of contamination in each sample it dates and depends upon information supplied by the submitter and collector of the material for its assessment. Change in serum carbon isotopes in response to change in sugar-sweetened beverage intake. Carbon isotope stratigraphy and correlation of plant megafossil localities in the Hell Creek Formation of eastern Montana, USA. Evaluation of a novel isotope biomarker for dietary consuption of sweets. The environmental water of the Middle Eocene Arctic: Evidence from δD and δ18O within specific compounds. doi: 10.1073 pnas.0809870105.(view/download pdf) R. A preliminary test of the press-pulse extinction hypothesis: Palynological indicators of vegetation change preceding the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, Mc Cone County, Montana, USA.

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